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How To Make A Cow!

Listed below are the steps and graphics needed to make a standard plywood cow.

Step 1:

Step 2:

    Enlarge the graphic and transfer that pattern to a sheet of 1/4" piece of plywood that is finished on one side.
Step 3:

    Paint the white and black areas using exterior paint.
Step 4:

    Using a scroll or skill saw, cut out the shape of the cow.
Step 5:

    Mount 2" X 2" or other stiff boards along to the back to prevent the plywood from bending and warping. Place the screws from the front of the cow through to the back supporting 2"X 2"s. This supports will also be used to help secure the cow to metal fence supports.
Step 6:

    Mount your cow directly to a secure set of fence posts or metal fence posts that are driven into the ground. It is best to use metal fence posts that have screw holes in them so that the cow art can be securely screwed to the metal fence posts.
Step 7:

    Decorate your cow through the seasons and holidays with holiday lights and accesories.