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The cows stay out until a Public School has been restored in Los Altos Hills!

Letís Face it - Los Altos Hills residents have been MILKED for millions of tax dollars for promised school renovations and other school projects, yet all of that money is being exclusively used for school improvements in Los Altos. The cows are out to show that residents have been milked for their tax dollars and they want public education back in Los Altos Hills.

    1) Over the next 25 years, LAH residents in the Los Altos School District will pay about 20.2 million (of a $100 million bond measure) to renovate Los Altos School District Schools. Part of that money was promised for the Bullis-Purrissima School renovation, but the school board has decided to close this school, the last public school in LAH. The bond funds have been used to renovate the 6 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and district offices and corporate yards, all in Los Altos.

    2) In November 2002, a school parcel tax was passed and the slogan for this measure "H" campaign was to keep our schools open. Voters had the impression that this measure would keep Bullis School open if it passed. Only three weeks after it passed, the school board started hearings to close Bullis School. The decision to close Bullis was made in February 2003 and it closed it doors in June 2003.

    3) Now Los Altos Hills, a town of about 8000 residents, is without a single public school. LAH pays about 20% of the bond and parcel taxes, but none of that money is being spent to support public education and neighborhood schools in Los Altos Hills. The school district wants to rent out our last remaining public school site to a private school to make money for the school district, which would make it nearly impossible for the Bullis site to ever be used in the future for public education again. A group of parents want to preserve the site for public education and are working toward creating a public charter school on the Bullis site that would be open for all Los Altos Hills residents.

    4) Also, the Town has also formed a committee to study the issue and advise our town council on how best to bring a public school back to our town, looking at all of the possible alternatives, including a new school district, charter school or other options.

    So.. . display this cow proudly and tastefully to show support to help bring public education back to Los Altos Hills.

Please decorate your cow through the seasons and holidays as you wish. Remember it is a community art project. We encourage others to create other art cows as well.
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We encourage all those interested to stay informed about the actions of the Los Altos School district and their actions regarding uses of the last remaining school site in LAH, the Bullis Site. The school district's website can be found at:

Los Altos School District Website

Los Altos School District Agendas and Minutes Agendas and minutes for the LASD school board can be found at:
Bullis Charter School informatin can be found at:

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